My journey leading to SJ Clothing

My wife has been telling me for years it’s time to change how I dress…no more of the t-shirts and get into the smart/casual attire of chinos, jumpers etc. Sure, it all sounds good but who doesn’t love a good old comfy t-shirt. The irony of it, here I sit today on a platform of selling t-shirts! How I came to this point has been a great journey, which I’d like to share with you.

As a husband and father to two children I was task driven to make money to provide for my family and not be stuck in a mundane job. I’d tried a couple of business ventures but nothing stuck because the passion wasn’t there. One day I decided to get my own t-shirt printed with an image of a lion and the phrase “A hungry lion is a dangerous animal”. It was something someone special had said to me once and I wanted to capture it. I’ve mentioned it to my wife a few times to ensure dinner is prepped in time! I can’t say she’d be best pleased that I shared that, but hey, this is my blog!

Anyway, the t-shirt received great response from family and friends and I even had a few made for family upon request. They all wanted to know where to buy it! I had great fun designing it and that was it, the research had begun!  

This is where my journey began. I’d found the focus but now I had to find how I was going to make it all happen. A good friend of mine with vast business acumen told me I had to do my research, think ethically and then go all in. He is the J in SJ Clothing.